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While running Facebook Live Sales Events, you now have a automated helper bot tracking your sales, allowing you to focus on selling and invoicing faster. When a customer comments SOLD 123, Your LIVE Assistant will comment back to the customer that they claimed the item. If a customer passes, it will release the item from that customer and hand it to next in line or free it up for a future.

LIVE Assistant is an automated helper for seling products on Facebook Live. LIVE Assistant is the extra set of hands you need during a live sale, that is always available!

Often you may not have an assistant for your Lives, so Live Assistant is that always available assistant managing & recording all your sales.

Tracks Claims, Wait Lists, Multiple Quantities up to 30 and even manages when customers Pass and hands claims automatically to next in line.

You can customize all of the responses Live Assistant makes to your customers to follow your rules with your personality. Includes opening comments, multiple claim win responses, passing and even a open keyword you can customize how it's used.

Live Assistant mobile Image

Instead of searching comments for Solds, you have a real time dashboard showing who is claiming, who are the runner ups. Presented in a LARGE FONT for easy reading from presentation distance. You can also tell how long you have been online and how many items you have sold.

Quickly select quantity (up to 30), Items & Variations your selling in real-time. If you have 1-30, you can offer them all up for sale at once and we will track per customer claims. Choosing Style & Size cuts invoicing time in half for medium to large sales with less invoicing mistakes.

Sales History lists claims, qty, item and runner ups and can be exported. Live Commenting automatically records Lives in Real-Time for Assistants to use during the Live or after for quick searching/scrolling freely through all comments.

Responding For You!

Take the stress out of multiple simultaneous claims. LIVE Assistant runs on the Facebook Servers and sees the millisecond a claim comes in and efficiently and fairly determines the claim-winner and announces the order so you do not have to. Solds and Passes are all tracked and managed so you can focus on selling and entertaining your customers!

Solds can be easy to miss in a stream of conversations and scrolling back causes sales momentum to be lost. Now you can have a real-time dashboard showing all Sold items with who claimed them. Know even before the rest of your customers when someone claims an item. You also will have a time clock on how long you have been live and how many sales you have.

Have more than one of an item to sell, just set our Quantity selection in real time so you can sell up to 30 of the same item and Live Assistant writes down all that have successfully claimed. Adding Item and Variance during your Live and now at the end of your Live you have a history list stating the how many claims they have, customer name, quantity purchased per item, item name and variance. Now you can cut your invoicing time in half without touching the inventory until it's ready to ship

Have your own unique items & variants? Talk to us and we will help you setup your own custom list for your Lives.

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LIVE Assistant Dashboard

LIVE Commenting

Live Assistant Moblie Image

LIVE Commenting records all your LIVE Comments in real-time. This way you or an assistant can search customer comments, item numbers, etc.

As LIVE Commenting records in real-time, an assistant can watch LIVE Commenting and completely follow the Live including all Claims.

Clicking on the medals next to the Search Bar will show just the BOT comments (as shown) so that it’s very easy for an assistant to track claims without worrying about Facebook’s issues with scrolling limitations.

LIVE Assistant Sales History

When you finish a Live, your tired from being ON for your customers! We get it!! Then you realize you need to invoice so you can convert those claims into real sales.

By using our Quantity, Items & Variations Quick Selections during your Live, you finish your Live with a Sales History that accelerates Invoicing. Sorted by customer with each purchase they made. No longer do you need to dig through the SOLD Pile to Invoice! No more accidents of invoicing someone for one item, only to find they claimed two. Just look at your Sales History to see how many items they ordered, what they ordered, what variation and who else is on the waitlist. Start with customers that bought multiples and check off each item when you invoice it from your invoicing software. You even have a place to mark that you shipped the product.  Once you get through the multiples, just pull each single and invoice.  No more alphabetically sorting before invoicing.

If someone passes or doesn’t pay their invoice, The blue down arrow will show you the next in line that wanted that item, just click down, see who it was and ask/invoice them. You did the work to sell the item, we help you accomplish that with less effort and time.

Run Live Assistant overnight and the next day on your posted Live or Speed Video. As more people claim, they will be notified by Facebook Messenger of their claim win in real-time. Also, those extra sales will show up here in your Sales History. No more watching your own videos trying to see if there were more claims!

Live Assistant Moblie Image

Additional LIVE Assistant

Shop Live Notification

You can setup Live Assistant to automatically send out your Live Description & a shortened deep Live Link via Loyal Shops Texting Service.

We even shorten the Facebook default 62 character link to approx 12-14 characters leaving around 147 characters that will include your Live Description.  This is a Deep Link that automatically opens their Facebook applications and takes the customer directly to your Live.

Live Commenting

Scroll through all your LIVE Comments without any annoying, click here for more buttons. Search is really fast so you can find any word, all comments from a customer, all Live Assistant Responses, a specific claim number, etc immediately.

Here’s the best part, the comments can be viewed in real time while the Live is still going. If you have an assistant helping you locally or remote, LIVE Commenting is incredibly handy for the assistant to see all the SOLD’s in one place off their phone, tablet or computer. They can scroll back or search for any topic or number as well.

Shop The Replay & Speed Videos

When your Live is over, Live Assistant can stay on the job. Live Assistant can be left running and it will switch from LIVE to Shop the Replay mode. Claims are still being tracked and show on the Live Dashboard. In addition, we will comment back in the stream and so your customer know they got the item, we Facebook Messenger them that they won the claim for the item. This instant feedback will drive more sales through your Shop The Replay sessions.

BTW, Did we tell you that LIVE Assistant works on Speed Videos as well? It certainly does, so just tell your Speed Video customers to claim with your claim word and number like LIVE Video and Live Assistant will FB Message them back on claim wins.

Customizable Responses

LIVE Assistant is very configurable. You can have up to 3 Claim Winning words. You can change the Pass Keyword as well. Put any web based sign-up registration in one of the claim responses and see that clickable link drive up your registrations and save you time & money! We even give you a custom keyword that you can have it comment out whatever makes sense. Maybe its’s warranty, or exchange policy or care instructions & registration information. Whatever it is, you can customize it and any customer that mentions that keyword during the live, and that information will become a live stream comment.

Drop in a splash of personality and color with Emoji’s. Have your responses really stand out with colorful Emoji’s. As the claim responses can be completely customized, why not drop in some color and emotion so they truly become your “YOUR LIVES”!

Choose The Best Plan For You Compare Live Services

Live Assistant Pro

  • Advanced Facebook Live Selling, no store required.
  • Optional Carts & Invoicing Coming Soon
  • Flash, Claim Range & Multi-Variant Sales (Sold 123 Blue Medium)
  • 24/7 Monitoring for sales
  • Waitlist automated fulfillment
  • Email Your Shoppers (6 times per week)
  • Loyalty Rewards Pro Loyalty Features are Included
  • Texting - Pay as you go
  • Texting Shop Live Notifications



If using Checkout Assistant with Square for fast cart invoicing, it’s $24.99/month or .75% of managed sales, whichever is greater.

Reply Sold

  • Advanced Facebook Live Selling Service
  • Multi-Variant Claiming (Sold 123 Blue Medium)
  • Shopify Carts for checkout (no invoicing)
  • 24/7 Monitoring for sales
  • Waitlist & Pending list automated fulfillment
  • Email Your Shoppers (10 times per week)
  • LIVE Assistant Fully Included
  • Texting - Pay as you go
  • Texting Shop Live Notifications



or .75% of managed sales, whichever is greater

LIVE Assistant

  • Live Sales Bot for Facebook
  • Claim Tracking & Rankings with Passing
  • Customers Claim & Pass Responses
  • Configurable Claim Words & Responses
  • Multiple Quantity & Item/Variance Tracking
  • Realtime Comments Recorded & Searchable
  • Sales History For Easy Invoicing
  • Email Your Shoppers (6 times per week)
  • Texting - Pay as you go
  • Texting - Shop Live Notifications



or $149.99/year

Up to 16 lives per month, $1 per
Live after 16.

Loyalty Rewards Pro

  • Digital Punch Card - Buy X, get gift free, optional
  • AutoInvite & AutoPunch
  • Auto Shopper History & Notes & Gift Expiration
  • Returns/Giveaways/Gift/Credit Management
  • Email Your Shoppers (10 times per week)
  • Business & Join Your Team Webpages w/Video
  • LIVE Assistant Fully Included
  • Texting - Pay as you go
  • Texting Shop Live Notifications



or $179.99/year

Up to 16 lives per month, $1 per
Live after 16.


  • SMS, SMS + & MMS Messages
  • No commitement, pay for what you send
  • Automatic volume tier discounts each month
  • No Subscriber Limits
  • Free Keyword
  • 4 Smart Lists
  • Text Keyword, Web Form & Email Blast Opt In
  • Opt-in Import with Prior Express Written Approval
  • Customer Web Form Opt In & List Management
  • Email Your Shoppers (6 times per week)

No Commitment
Pay Per Message



  • Sync your Bless Store to FB Bus Page Albums
  • Album Drops to Wall
  • Personal Shopper Emails
  • Drip Inventory to Wall
  • Style & Size Lookup
  • Runs In the background - 24/7 Cloud Based
  • Texting - Pay as you go
  • Email Your Shoppers (6 times per week)

No Commitment
Pay Per Message


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