Loyalty Rewards

All of our best tools in one amazing value bundle! The Loyalty Rewards Standard & Pro are a suite of services designed to grow your local and online sales business. If you are a small business looking for tools to reward your customers, communicate with your customers effectively, create a presence on the web easily and track giveaways, returns & credits, we have a great solution. We even include solutions to allow you to sell fast and efficiently with just you on FB Live.

  • Digital Loyalty Cards with 2 Levels - Standard & VIP
  • Loyalty Cards can be customized with background, number of punches & gift
  • Birthday, VIP, Expiring Gifts, Customer Purchase History and more
  • Auto-Invite & Auto-Punching available through PayPal, Square & Bless. Coming soon - Shopify and Piphany.
  • Email all customers up to 10 times a week & use smart lists like (VIP Only)
  • Exchanges, Gifts, Credits & Giveaways Tracked & Managed
  • Your own website page, Join Your Team & blog with no technical experience required.
  • Small Business Texting
  • FB Live Assistant Shopping Bot Included with Pro
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LIVE Assistant

LIVE Assistant is an automated helper for selling products on Facebook Live. LIVE Assistant is the extra set of hands you need during a live sale, that is always available!

Often you may not have an assistant for your Lives, so Live Asistant is that always available assistant managing & recording all your sales.

Tracks Claims, Wait Lists, Multiple Quantities up to 15 and even manages when customers Pass and hands claims automatically to next in line.

You can customize all of the responses Live Assistant makes to your customers to follow your rules with your personality. Includes opening comments, multiple claim win responses, passing and even a open keyword you can customize how it’s used.

Live Assistant mobile Image

Instead of searching comments for Solds, you have real time dashboard showing who is claiming, who are the runner ups. Presented in a LARGE FONT for easy reading from presentation distance. You can also tell how long you have been online and how many items you have sold.

Quick select Items & Variations as well as Quantity on hand. If you have 2 or more of an item up to 30, we can track each sale of the same item separately. Choosing Style & Size significantly cuts invoicing in half or more for medium to large sales with less invoicing mistakes.

Sales History gives you a full list of your customers that claimed, how many items they claimed, what items & variations they choose, and lists any runner ups in case someone passes or doesn’t pay their invoice. Live Commenting automatically recoards all Lives for real time or after Live reference searching. Works incredibly well with an assistant to watch the Live remotely seeing and being able to acces all comments with lightning fast search or just show Solds.

LoyalShops Texting

Designed for your Small Business to be easy to use and easy on the pocketbook! With an understanding of small & home based sales, we designed this product to grow your business for the least amount of money.

SMS – Build your brand with consistant affordable SMS Text Messaging with up to 160 text characters

SMS+ Deliver colorful & compelling messages with 134 text characters with emojis or 306 text characters.

MMS – Truly tell your story with impactfull pictures, emoji’s & 10x the text. With our built in MMS wizard easily create impactful texts like the one pictured here in seconds.

We understand each business started and prove a tool works before they can afford to invest. We have designed our texting service to scale with from just starting with 50 messages free every month, then you only pay for the messages you send (no fixed payments).

As your business grows, we have numerous volume tiers that lower your the cost/message for all messages the current subscription month. It’s like committed volume pricing, without the commitement.

A free customizable Keyword is included with all our plans. We also include 4 Smart Lists: Shop Live, Shop Albums, Specials & Open House. Live Assistant can automatically text out your Live Description and Link to your Shop Live customers. More Smart List functionality is coming soon.

Web forms, Texting Opt-In, Opt In Importing & Email invitations options are available.


I just launched this for my VIP's! Love the whole thing. I already started by blog and made my website in like 5 minutes!

Tracy M


This is saving me so much time and headache! I love all of the features and the customer service is A+!!!

Amanda G


I've been using LoyalShops since September and I couldn't love it more!! My customers love it and it's so easy to use! Customer service is STELLAR and they have made some amazing improvements that made it even better (if that was even possible!)

Penny K


I absolutely LOVE this program! And the customer service is seriously amazing! I had an issue (user error) and contacted them via FB messenger and in less than 5 minutes I was on a call and being walked through the steps! Highly recommended! Seriously genius!

Sarah S


Love this service! Tracking my customers rewards has never been easier! Customer service has also been great!

Lindsey K


There are not enough words to describe how much I love this service! My customers love the loyalty program an it is a breeze to use! The website service is easy to set up and use and I saw immediate results! Within two days I had multiple people join my loyalty program and VIP group and by day 3 I had a very serious lead on a new team member who contacted me via the "join" page. I highly recommend LoyalShops to every consultant I talk to!

Hannah W

Choose The Best Plan For You

Loyalty Rewards Standard

  • Digital Punch Card - Buy X, get gift free, optional
  • Shopper Notes & History
  • Returns/Giveaways/Gift/Credit Management
  • Auto Gift Expiration
  • Email Your Shoppers (2 times per week)
  • Business & Join Your Team Webpages
  • Texting Included-50 Free Msgs/Mo
  • Texting - Per message bundle discount

Up to 250 Shoppers


or $99.99/year

Loyalty Rewards Pro

  • Digital Punch Card - Buy X, get gift free, optional
  • AutoInvite & AutoPunch
  • Auto Shopper History & Notes & Gift Expiration
  • Returns/Giveaways/Gift/Credit Management
  • Email Your Shoppers (10 times per week)
  • Business & Join Your Team Webpages w/Video
  • Texting Fully Included - 50 Free Msgs/Mo
  • LIVE Assistant Fully Included
  • Texting Shop Live Notifications
  • Texting - Per message bundle discount



or $149.99/year

LIVE Assistant

  • Live Sales Bot for Facebook
  • Claim Tracking & Rankings with Passing
  • Customers Claim & Pass Responses
  • Configurable Claim Words & Responses
  • Multiple Quantity & Item/Variance Tracking
  • Realtime Comments Recorded & Searchable
  • Sales History For Easy Invoicing
  • Email Your Shoppers (6 times per week)
  • Texting Included - 50 Free Msgs/Mo
  • Texting - Shop Live Notifications
  • Texting - Per message bundle discount



or $99.99/year


  • SMS, SMS + & MMS Messages
  • 50 FREE Messages Monthly
  • No commitement, pay for what you send
  • Automatic volume tier discounts each month
  • No Subscriber Limits
  • Free Keyword
  • 4 Smart Lists
  • Text Keyword, Web Form & Email Blast Opt In
  • Opt-in Import with Prior Express Written Approval
  • Customer Web Form Opt In & List Management
  • Email Your Shoppers (6 times per week)

No Commitment
Pay Per Message



Efficient Live Sales with our Live Assistant where we know all your brands Styles & Sizes and automatically recording all your customers purchases by price, date, exact style and size. We strengthen your customer relationships and give you the tools to sell more.


Jewelry & Accessories

Give your customers reasons to come back for more, brand yourself, reach more customers with Email and Text Marketing and get yourself out to be found & build a team with our very easy websites.

Beauty & Makeup

Deliver rich email marketing with our Email Your Shoppers service that is so easy to use, differentiate yourself from other sellers with a Loyalty Card tell your story with our Business & Join Team webpages.


Healthy Living & Home

Bring customers back with beautiful Emails, give coupons & gifts that built in expiring reminders to bring them back if they haven't shopped recently. Track exactly what customers are purchasing and soon target communications specifically at them.


Please contact us to talk about your business. We support 1,000s of other small companies that sell products in unique ways. Our solutions can be customized by you easily to match your business and your brand and look. Please try out our products as they have free trials and 30 days money back guarantee. Please contact us if you need help or have questions: support@loyalshops.com


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