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Who’s Celebrating a Birthday?

We all want that personal touch with our customers. How do we stand out to them and show them we appreciate them and their business? How about a personalized Birthday Note and perhaps even a Birthday Gift? With a standard […]


Dashboard Popup

The Loyalty Rewards Consultant Dashboard allows Consultants to quickly manage their customers purchases remotely if they shop Online for example.  Easy to search for a customer and virtually punch their Loyalty Rewards Card, You can also see how many punches […]


Auto Punching is HERE!

Auto Punching of our Loyalty Cards is now available for our Pro Subscribers. This works for both Pop-Ups as well as online sales like Facebook & Periscope. Shortly after your customer pays, your customers Loyalty Cards are automatically punched. Everyone […]


Grow Your LuLaRoe Team

  Grow Your LuLaRoe Team – In less than 10 minutes have a Consultant Webpage to capture New Consultant Leads, deliver the LuLaRoe Story, capture their contact details and send them out a more detailed LuLaRoe Consultant Opportunity email. NEW […]


Online Sales Inventory Pull Card

Here at LoyalShops we are going to start delivering LoyalShops Tips for our LoyalShops customers. This productivity tip was inspired by Lularoe Jaime Chapin, @lularoejaimechapin. She’s awesome and has amazing ideas, check her out! Have a great tip your willing to […]


FREE LuLaRoe Consultant Website!

Get a FREE LuLaRoe Consultant Basic Website with any of our subscription levels, Even the Trial Subscription.  It’s our way of saying thank you for considering us.  Creating your website requires no technical knowledge, it’s so easy.  Included in your Free […]

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