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We’ve made it very easy for you to help your friends grow their business and allow you to earn some extra dollars in the process.

Links for referrals are located in the Referral Menu for subscribed users. We truly appreciate your help!

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We supply a referral link for signing up for our services. Share this link to your friends, social media and let them know how much our service enhances your business.

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Your friends then sign up for LoyalShops Services like Loyalty Standard, Pro Live Assistant or Texting. Anyone that follows your link and signs up will show in your Referral menu as pending a referral payment to you.

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After each referral you give us has been an active subscriber for 30 days, we can then pay a referral. If they signed up for a $9.99 or $99.99 payment, we will give you $9.99. If it's a $14.99 or $149.99 payment, we will give you $14.99. Finally, if it's a texting customer, we will match their first-month texting bill up to $14.99.

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