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Lipsense has recently emerged as the latest desired cosmetic in town and is on the heels of rapid beauty sales especially on social media. Perhaps you have sent, or your Facebook friends have sent you a few offers describing how best Lipsense is in comparison to the usual liquid lipstick with the aim of selling to you. As a SeneGence distributor, you can increase the chances of earning more commission, bonuses, and other fantastic rewards through our online marketing services at LoyalShops.

Display the Shades on FB Live

Start running effective Facebook Live Sales today. With more than fifty shades of this premier product, you can count on our Live Assistant to reach out and sell more. The Live Assistant runs from the background on the Facebook servers and spots claims for your products as they come in. The claim-winner is then fairly determined and announced to all the participants in the conversation. When these claims are made, you’ll be the first one to know even before the rest of your customers. All the Solds and Passes are tracked and managed giving you time to concentrate on selling and keeping your customers entertained

10 Facebook Live Tips to Follow Before, During & After Your Broadcast

Lipsense Marketing Ideas By Senegence

Monitor Sales in Real-time

With the Live Assistant, you’ll be able to keep your eye on the conversations using a real-time dashboard that provides an interactive interface. Your sales momentum won’t be lost due to back and forth scrolling which might result in Solds being missed. In cases where you’ve more than one of the Lipsense shades to sell, you just have to set our Quantity Selection in real time to do so. The Live Assistant then writes down all claimed items of respective shades.  All this is monitored easily through our large font presentation that can be viewed a good distance away. A time clock is also available to help determine how long you’ve spent online during the Sales Event.

While doing your analysis, the Sales History feature gives brings at your disposal a complete list of customers that claimed, the number of shades they claimed and the type of Lipsense claimed. A list of the runners-up has availed in case a customer passes or fails to clear their invoices.

Build Loyal Customer Relationships

The best way to keep your loyal customers is by taking good care of them. We help you make your customers feel appreciated through automation. Reward that customer who does regular purchases with Loyalty gifts they have earned so they want to remain a great customer of yours.  We support Square & PayPal, so you can automate the adding of new customers once they purchase, add to your branded Loyalty Program, record what they have purchased and thank them for their purchases, automatically.  You can track and manage your Exchanges, Giveaways and Gift digitally so you and your client can see the gifts and track the credit use. Gifting always has a personal appeal.  These giveaways will be indicated as gifts along the earned gifts, so there’s only one central location for gifts owned. In case of expiring gifts/ giveaways, automatic expiration emails are sent to nudge customers to shop with you soon. We’ll notify them for you helping drive repeat business.

Handle Best Customers as VIPs


LoyalShops makes it easy for you to identify, group, communicate with and award your VIP customers based on their lifetime purchases. Our Loyalty Rewards Pro VIP Service is a package needed to take great care of best customers. Through the package, you can create a dynamic VIP List for direct texting and emailing, perhaps for exclusive offers.

With Live Assistant, the Shop Lives List can be automatically texted with your Live Description and Live Shortened Link


Grow with LoyalShops

Beauty products enjoy wide usage, thus wide market possibility. Through online marketing, you’ll be able to popularize your Lipsense distributorship and grow a pool of customers. To win over their loyalty, LoyalShops gives you effective tools that will keep them at your shop day after day. Work with us.



Loyalty Rewards & Live Assistant Bundle Pricing SMS Competitive Comparison

Image 01

Loyal Shops Stand Alone Text Pricing Competitive Comparison

Image 02

Loyalty Rewards & Live Assistant Bundled Texting

Image 01

LoyalShops Stand Alone Text Pricing

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Choose The Best Plan For You

Loyalty Rewards Standard

  • Digital Punch Card - Buy X, get gift free, optional
  • Shopper Notes & History
  • Returns/Giveaways/Gift/Credit Management
  • Auto Gift Expiration
  • Email Your Shoppers (2 times per week)
  • Business & Join Your Team Webpages
  • Texting Included-50 Free Msgs/Mo
  • Texting - Per message bundle discount

Up to 250 Shoppers


or $99.99/year

Loyalty Rewards Pro

  • Digital Punch Card - Buy X, get gift free, optional
  • AutoInvite & AutoPunch
  • Auto Shopper History & Notes & Gift Expiration
  • Returns/Giveaways/Gift/Credit Management
  • Email Your Shoppers (10 times per week)
  • Business & Join Your Team Webpages w/Video
  • Texting Fully Included - 50 Free Msgs/Mo
  • LIVE Assistant Fully Included
  • Texting Shop Live Notifications
  • Texting - Per message bundle discount



or $149.99/year

LIVE Assistant

  • Live Sales Bot for Facebook
  • Claim Tracking & Rankings with Passing
  • Customers Claim & Pass Responses
  • Configurable Claim Words & Responses
  • Multiple Quantity & Item/Variance Tracking
  • Realtime Comments Recorded & Searchable
  • Sales History For Easy Invoicing
  • Email Your Shoppers (6 times per week)
  • Texting Included - 50 Free Msgs/Mo
  • Texting - Shop Live Notifications
  • Texting - Per message bundle discount



or $99.99/year


  • SMS, SMS + & MMS Messages
  • 50 FREE Messages Monthly
  • No commitement, pay for what you send
  • Automatic volume tier discounts each month
  • No Subscriber Limits
  • Free Keyword
  • 4 Smart Lists
  • Text Keyword, Web Form & Email Blast Opt In
  • Opt-in Import with Prior Express Written Approval
  • Customer Web Form Opt In & List Management
  • Email Your Shoppers (6 times per week)

No Commitment
Pay Per Message


Loyal Shops Small Business Texting

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