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In today’s society, first impressions are created by the way we talk, carry ourselves around and more importantly, how we dress. The way one appears reflects their beliefs to the outside world. Imbued with the desire to instill confidence and empower women with stylish clothing, Agnes and Dora has greatly redefined beauty. As an Independent Sales Representative, you require effective sales tools to reach out and sell your best outfits as you build confidence in your customers. At LoyalShops, we help position your business to get noticed, build your brand independently as a rep, and drive sales affordably.

Send Text Messages, Sell More Outfits

Our texting service takes your business to the target market at a wide coverage and makes it stand out tall. You’ll reach as many as possible, and sell as much possible. All you need is a catchy message that clearly informs the kind of dress or accessory on offer. With our unique greetings and signature inputs, you’ll uniquely design consistent text openings and closings.  This text message consistency awards you with predictability and easy recognition by your customers. Once you’ve set them, they’ll retain their originality till the time you desire to adjust them accordingly. While drafting subsequent messages, you’ll only have to enter the key message you need to convey. This saves your time. Additionally, our texting capacity gives you room to intimately describe your fashion-forward accessories. With a 160 character space for SMS and 306 for SMS+, you can initiate a conversation and convince a potential customer how good it feels in a belted jumpsuit during their indoors and complete the deal.

7 Tips to Leverage the Power of SMS Marketing

Tell Your Story with Impactful Pictures

Let customers relate to your products by seeing pictures of your respective dresses displayed by your models. With our unique E-Mail Wizard, you’ll create compelling content with colorful pictures, emoji’s, and clickable links that refer customers directly to your shop.

Reach your Targets Affordably

We acknowledge that sometimes business goes up and down. And so we offer our services at an affordable cost. Our payment model is Pay As you go. You’ll grow your customer base by texting moderately and only paying for the content you have sent. Beware. There are many gougers outside there who’ll want to charge you monthly/ yearly flat rates per volume tier for texting. This would increase your business operations expenses and adversely affect your returns. Unlike our competitors, holders of a texting account at LoyalShops do not pay any kind of fixed charges; you’ll pay for exactly what you send.

MMS Icon ABCs, 123s, up to 1600 Characters, Happy Emoji & Crazy Colors

Award Giveaways and Win Customer Loyalty


Whether a gift is small or large, it always has a personal appeal to the recipient. A one-time client who receives a Hilo dress for the summer as a giveaway will most  likely come back for winter accessories. Through an automated process, our Loyalty Rewards feature ensures your customer’s appreciation. Give considered rewards to potential and regular clients with giveaways and price credits starting today. You’ll win more and retain them forever for your future sales. As you extend gifts, sometimes clients may forget to redeem them almost to expiration. We offer management tools, in this case, expiring-gifts management tool which automatically sends expiration emails nudging customers to come back and shop soon. We’ll keep them reminded until you achieve repeat business.

8 Benefits of Running a Giveaway

With Live Assistant, the Shop Lives List can be automatically texted with your Live Description and Live Shortened Link



As you seek to recognize and empower women both professionally and personally, you’ve to stand out from the crowded fashion industry. Let LoyalShops be that partner that brings all fashion-sensitive women to your door, help you reward them and keep them for all seasons. Deliver your quality and fashionable apparel everywhere, and to everybody.



Loyalty Rewards & Live Assistant Bundle Pricing SMS Competitive Comparison

Image 01

Loyal Shops Stand Alone Text Pricing Competitive Comparison

Image 02

Loyalty Rewards & Live Assistant Bundled Texting

Image 01

LoyalShops Stand Alone Text Pricing

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Choose The Best Plan For You

Loyalty Rewards Standard

  • Digital Punch Card - Buy X, get gift free, optional
  • Shopper Notes & History
  • Returns/Giveaways/Gift/Credit Management
  • Auto Gift Expiration
  • Email Your Shoppers (2 times per week)
  • Business & Join Your Team Webpages
  • Texting Included-50 Free Msgs/Mo
  • Texting - Per message bundle discount

Up to 250 Shoppers


or $99.99/year

Loyalty Rewards Pro

  • Digital Punch Card - Buy X, get gift free, optional
  • AutoInvite & AutoPunch
  • Auto Shopper History & Notes & Gift Expiration
  • Returns/Giveaways/Gift/Credit Management
  • Email Your Shoppers (10 times per week)
  • Business & Join Your Team Webpages w/Video
  • Texting Fully Included - 50 Free Msgs/Mo
  • LIVE Assistant Fully Included
  • Texting Shop Live Notifications
  • Texting - Per message bundle discount



or $149.99/year

LIVE Assistant

  • Live Sales Bot for Facebook
  • Claim Tracking & Rankings with Passing
  • Customers Claim & Pass Responses
  • Configurable Claim Words & Responses
  • Multiple Quantity & Item/Variance Tracking
  • Realtime Comments Recorded & Searchable
  • Sales History For Easy Invoicing
  • Email Your Shoppers (6 times per week)
  • Texting Included - 50 Free Msgs/Mo
  • Texting - Shop Live Notifications
  • Texting - Per message bundle discount



or $99.99/year


  • SMS, SMS + & MMS Messages
  • 50 FREE Messages Monthly
  • No commitement, pay for what you send
  • Automatic volume tier discounts each month
  • No Subscriber Limits
  • Free Keyword
  • 4 Smart Lists
  • Text Keyword, Web Form & Email Blast Opt In
  • Opt-in Import with Prior Express Written Approval
  • Customer Web Form Opt In & List Management
  • Email Your Shoppers (6 times per week)

No Commitment
Pay Per Message


Loyal Shops Small Business Texting

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