Have a ton of customers? We got you covered with Batch Importing.


Maybe you have 100 customers or 500 customers or 3,000 customers. Either way, you’re not likely wanting to invite them all by hand. So we walk you through how to extract your customer names and email addresses and place them in a Google Sheet. Once there, our program will take over and invite all of your customers you place on a Google Sheet each with personalized invitations to their own Loyalty Card. Also, as you we know you are really busy driving your business, we know you do not have the time to sort out who you already invited and those you haven’t. No worries. Just give us a list, even if it has invited and non-invited customers. We will do the work for you sorting out just the customers who haven’t been invited and send out an invitation only to those customers that need a new Loyalty Card. We are here to help, so you can spend time with your customers and sell more! We will NOT sell, send, offer or use your customers information for any other business other then your own! (Stated in our privacy policy.)